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Non-Compliance with Move Over Laws Creating Hazards for First Responders, says Fire Chief

From VOCM: ( First responders are reminding motorists that the moose season is well underway after two collisions on the Avalon in just the past 24 hours. Both crashes sent people to hospital.

However, Whitbourne Fire Chief Jamie Budden says a bigger concern now is that drivers passing accident scenes are not adhering to the province’s public safety and Move Over laws.

Budden has genuine safety concerns about the risk presented by speeding drivers, noting that at the accident scene last night there were over half a dozen first responders as well as bystanders.

Chief Budden says they try to keep all lanes open to aid traffic flow. However, at another accident at 5:00 this morning just west of Roaches Line, Budden says with the risks responders encountered last night the department closed down both lanes.

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